we are so thankful we discovered raw milk!

by angela
(edinboro, pa)

After years of despising milk and very rarely consuming anything that required milk, my fiance read something online about the benefits of raw milk. We had never heard of it before so we did some more research. We then discovered that there was a farm in our town that sold raw milk, along with cheese and eggs, etc. We decided to take a trip to the farm and check it out. The family is great, and you can even walk back and pet the cows. We bought some raw milk in glass bottles and took it home to try it. We fell in love immediately. Just the taste alone was amazing compared to store bought milk. Plus the benefits of it are also amazing. I can say that we haven't been drinking it for very long yet, but we already notice a difference. I hated milk, the times i did consume it I always got an upset stomache. Raw milk has never made me ill, and I find myself craving it. We will continue to drink and support it.

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