The kefir grains that changed my life...

Wanted to share my little story with you. I have been making my own yogurt for nearly 9 years now and I love it. I started using snow lotus because I had severe heartburn and skin issues. No matter what kind of medications the doctor would prescribe, none could solve my problems. I decided to go natural, and try out kefir. The problem was that the kefir I got at the store had a lot of preservatives, antibiotics, etc. and did not help me at all. So, I got my own snow culture grains. I was skeptic, but as soon as I started drinking it I felt much better. My heartburn was gone and my face just cleared up. The most amazing thing was that this all happened within 3 weeks of drinking my kefir. I really hope that kefir will change your life as well.

BTW, I got my live kefir grains (which I believe are better than the dried stuff) from, just wanted to share a source (not advertising).


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