Raw Milk and Real Food

by Tag

I finally found a source for raw milk in my state of Ohio abt. a year ago. I bought organic for many years, but really wanted Raw Milk.
I grew up on a farm where we had our own cows and raised our own chickens, pork and beef as well as garden and an orchard. My mother canned and froze everything. I just longed to be there again. After this past year of drinking strictly raw milk, I don't have the digestive issues I have had for years, my skin and hair is softer and I haven't seen a Dr. except my chiropractor for years. I am 58, have no health issues and not on any prescription drugs. And most of my family and friends cannot say the same. Also...My hair has no gray!
The same farm I buy my milk also has pastured chicken and the eggs, beef, pork, lamb and turkey so I do most of my grocery shopping there. I raise my own vegetables and preserve for the winter months. I make my own butter and noodles also. My weight stays a constant 125 and I eat all the eggs, meat and milk I want. I stay away from bread, cereal, soy and sugar, especially the hfcs and other chemical alternatives declared as better. Stevia and honey work for me. I don't do fruit. Just doesn't agree with me. A can of pop a year...maybe. Think I can convince anyone to try living like this! FDA sez the GMO, HFCS and Aspartame OK! PLEASE!
Just frustrating to see the people you care about killing themselves stuffing down this garbage. And they are scared of good clean RAW MILK?
People need to realize the fast food, convenience boxed/frozen food is pure poison.

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