Raised on Raw Milk

by Ed

I consumed raw milk the first 21 years of my life as did most people in my community. My allowance as a youngster was from delivering raw milk to a few neighbors. The cream was so thick that the first spoonful from the top of a quart would not dissolve in a cup of coffee. My mother would fuss at me for gnawing the cream off the paper bottle cap. The cream would whip in just seconds for a strawberry shortcake topping that the "fear mongers" can only imagine. The first time I tasted pasteurized milk it seemed mealy in my mouth and I didn't like it. North Carolina representative Glen Bradley has this to say about over regulation, “We were brought up to think America is the land of the free, but we’re drifting into this whole nanny state thing, where the government controls our every action for our own good. The freedom to pursue happiness implies the freedom to make mistakes. If you have a government that prevents citizens from making mistakes, you don’t have liberty anymore.”

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