Raised on raw milk

by Leo Smith
(Granbury TX)

From the time I can first remember we always owned milking cows, just for our own use. My mother would bring the milk bucket in the kitchen and place a cup towel over the mouth of a gallon glass jar and pour the milk through the towel. The milk would then be placed in a cool place in the kitchen. When the cream had risen to the top, it would be poured off into another glass jar and shaken to form butter. If we had enough butter the cream was left in the milk. When it came time to drink the milk it was shaken to mix it. What was not consumed sat in the cool place to turn to clabber. My mother would pour the clabber into a dish towel and hang it to drain the whey and we had cottage cheese. We would sometimes have milk to drink for supper that was still warm from the cow. We lived in the country and there were very few trips to a doctor. I am 74 years old now and in very good health. What we didn't use was fed to the chickens or the hogs. I could go on and on but I'll stop here. Hope you can use this to show that raw milk will not hurt you.
Thank You.... Leo Smith

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