Raised By A 'Health-Nut'

by Carrie Amelia Stout White
(Sandy, UT, USA)

As a young girl being raised by a layman nutritional expert mom and living in Southern California, she felt it was important to give us the very best and most healthy food choices she could and this included, amongst other things, raw milk and raw milk products. At that time, being so young, I didn't fully appreciate what she was doing for me and some would say she was somewhat of a 'health-nut' at that time in our society. She raised us kids on a very low sugar, high fiber/protein, little red meat diet. She bought raw milk products from a dairy, which is still in business today, it is Alta Dena Dairy, San Bernardino, CA. Note: Alta Dena no longer produces raw milk - RJ

As of late we know all too well what is harming us and most unfortunately making us the most obese generation ever known. We now understand through research that eating a low-sugar, high-fiber/protein diet IS beneficial in so many ways! So our more modern science has proven she really isn't a 'nut' after all. Since my mother is the 3rd generation of women who ate this way, it was a natural progression for her to feed our family in a conscientious intentional healthy way, after all she was following her mother and her mother's mother in a similar fashion. So eating a very healthy diet came naturally to me because of this life long line of 'health-nuts'. I was given raw milk products for many years, probably until we moved away from what is called the "Inland Empire" of Southern California.

Now jump ahead many years to 2005 and my onset of Menopause. I began to become uncharacteristically lactose intolerant, and began to have very unusual GI symptoms. These and other symptoms prompted me to go through a year long series of tests, which included an upper GI, a lower GI, and a few more invasive uncomfortable tests. 'The Doctors' determined that I had several problems. Mostly I had become lactose intolerant, had a bleeding ulcer, had the formations of diverticulosis, along with some other things and had gained an unusual amount of weight. I had ALWAYS been one of 'those' people who could eat anything, and I remained skinny throughout my entire adolescent and adult years. So for me to be 'overweight' was a puzzlement to me especially since I had never been before. I began to do some research, thank the Internet for that, and I began to return more earnestly to my roots as far as eating a more increasingly healthy diet. It started with a friend's suggestion to buy some locally produced raw apple cider, then went there to purchase it and came across information regarding where you could purchase raw milk. I was so excited to receive this information, and began to participate in a co-op of sorts to share in the 55-mile drive to the dairy. Taking turns worked well since there were about 10 people driving, that meant I only had to drive every 10 weeks. There was one drop off location at the home of a nearby friend. This began my reintroduction to using and consuming raw milk and raw milk products. How happy I was to have FINALLY 'found' raw milk period, but suffice it to say that I was successful. Now it's even better because I actually purchase it locally. Thank GOODNESS!!!

As Randolph Jonsson states so perfectly on his WONDERFULLY INFORMATIVE WEBSITE raw-milk-facts.com, "My body has been a laboratory over the years, but we're all unique biochemically, so please use what you learn here carefully - what works for one may not necessarily work for another." I add my own sentiments here to attest to the benefits of raw milk products in my diet - no, countless benefits - no more lactose intolerance what so ever since starting drinking raw milk (again) 5 years ago; lowered LDL cholesterol; higher immune system resistance to sicknesses like the common cold and the flu; dramatically improved GI function (if you know what I mean, :-) ), my internal 'systems' if you will, are performing at normal or above-normal levels...the list goes on and on, but don't just take my word for it, use the research available here at www.raw-milk-facts.com, and do your own research and see what you think...check it out for yourselves.

It is an amazing food and I know how much I have benefited from drinking and using raw milk products, and hope that through the beauty of the internet and how social media can help to increase awareness of it's benefits, my hope is my story will add to others' and will help in some small way.

Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story,
Carrie Amelia Stout White

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