My immune system

by Maha
(KewGardend )

After suffering low immune after my treatments, I went on so many medications. I also started being tired and allergic to everything.

A friend of mine had raw milk in her fridge, which I did not know was raw- I needed something to drink and since all she had was milk, I took a big glass of it and thinking to myself 'it is going to hurt in 10 minutes and I will have the biggest bloating ever.' To my surprise I did not have a stomach ache and I felt ok. I asked her if this is a special milk and she told me that this is milk directly from the cow. I thought why not give it a try.

Let me say it has been over 4 years I have been using the raw milk, my doctor even tells me I should keep doing what I am doing as my immune system is going to its norm. I have not needed Flonaze for the last year and half, which is amazing as well.

I hope we keep having the small organic fresh farms.

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