Mom of 6 children ...

by Jameelah
(bronx, NYC)

Hiya.. So I'm a mom of 6 children that lives in NYC. I nursed all of them and they live a very healthy vegetarian (lacto ovo) life. However with my nursing came some longevity problems , meaning I would only be able to nurse for 4 to 6 months before my milk supply went low. So with my last baby boy I was determined to increase my milk supply, or make sure I would make his own baby formula in case. That's when I came across the book Nourishing Traditions. I bought all that was needed for the formula, but came the part of the raw milk. (LOL) never had drank it before, I was not afraid to try. And boy it did something amazing for me. The milk increased my breast milk supply, and now my boy is 18 months old and still nursing. I was able to nurse him until now and give him solid foods at 9 months old, and boy does he love that raw milk and raw Kefir. Yes he's still alive and the milk always helps my children get over common colds and fevers. Long story short (LOL) raw milk is the best.

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