Life of Raw Milk

by Miss Webb
(Raft River, Idaho, USA)

I grew up on a dairy with my nine siblings. All we ever drank was raw milk. As a young adult I recognize that we rarely ever caught the seasonal flu despite our large public school we attended. On top of that, few of us have ever broken a bone.
I have a cousin who is intolerant to milk and he gets very sick whenever he has milk, but he can drink our raw farm milk without even the slightest reaction.
On occasion we've had people get sick from drinking our milk, but all those people lived in a far away location. So, we assume it was because they had not developed immunities to the bacterias that were natural in our environment. If they decided to try our milk again after getting sick, they were just fine. All in all, I think raw milk is definitely not something to be worried about.

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