How I use raw milk to help the body heal itself

by Dr. Marizelle Arce
(Queens, NY)

I am a Naturopathic Doctor who has been practicing for a few years and I primarily use dietary guidance towards the usage of raw milk and other raw dairy products to help the body heal. I have seen wonderful results from skin rashes cleared to severe gastritis subdued. Children and adults alike enjoy the taste and the feeling they get out of drinking it and I enjoy the fact it is a food the tastes great and heals the WHOLE body, I've seen it! Knowledge of consuming raw milk also gives the added benefit of supporting small, sustainable farming and helps people open their eyes to the unfortunate politics of the Dairy big business. I have been drinking raw milk for almost a decade and I suggest it to all my patients and clients. The health benefits in areas of disease and illness are wonderful!! Cheers to raw milk (from happy grass-fed cows of course)

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