by Sherry

I decided to try raw unpasteurized cow's milk at my husband's insistance. I told him I am lactose intolerant. My husband David told me that's because I've only tried pasteurized milk, the process KILLS the good enzymes and bacteria. Not to mention the hormones are bad for us that are added with store bought pasteurized milk, no wonder so many people are "allergic" to milk. People like me are allergic to the pasteurization and high farenheit process that kills milk and the good disease fighting enzymes and friendly bacteria. David also told me other health benefits from drinking raw cow's milk, including bone/arthritis, etc., benefits. My back and hip problem from an old auto injury would be helped with drinking raw unpasteurized cow's milk. He added that it tastes awesome. Ok, I tried it.
My back and hip problem I've suffered with for decades with, is GONE. But most important and not expected by either one of us. My hepatitis c, that I have had over 20 years, is almost entirely wiped out in a matter of 7 months of drinking raw cows milk from Diamond B Cattle Company in Decatur, Tx. The owners have Jersey cows and I'm not on here promoting their business, just letting others know what happened with me and my health turning around. I had no idea the milk would wipe out such an aggresive virus as Hepatitis C.
Paying my testimonial forward in effort to help others like me with Hepatitis c and other ailments.

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