Healthy Happy Children

by Nickie
(Strongsville, Ohio)

At our annual farm picnic

At our annual farm picnic

My 4 kids love their raw milk. We sometimes run out when I order 6 gallons of milk per week! And they are still small, so I can't imagine how much we will drink once they are school aged and older. If only we could just let our own cow graze out in the backyard, we would love it. Even having to milk twice a day!
We have all seen enormous improvements and even eradication of various allergies. Raw milk coupled with all the whole and nutrient dense foods we now eat, we are becoming a family with no disease or illness.

I am going to have my mother who suffers from terrible arthritis, begin the Milk Cure when she retires next spring. I will be back to report her miraculous healing - I know it.

Thank God for his natural provision of milk.

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