Healing Milk with Autoimmune/Arthritis

by Eryn
(Central Florida)


Raw milk gave me my life back. It is my MIRACLE. I have shared this story with my food coop and would love to tell you too.

I am 26 years old with Psoriasis that 3 years ago became Arthritis as well. I was so bad my husband had to dress me each morning for work. He even had to get me out of bed and walk me to the bathroom. I could not bend or move my elbows, so simple tasks like brushing my teeth, brushing my hair or putting on a bra- I could not do. He would dress me and tears would just run down my face. My thoughts going to, ‘if I’m this bad now, what will happen in my 30’s,40’s,50’s and beyond???. How will I take care of my babies that we so badly want?’. I constantly felt like 1,000 pound weights were strapped to me. It would take me about 3 hours to ‘unstiffen’ enough to ‘function’ but my knee would never get better. I would just limp around work or drag my leg when it hurt too much to try and bend it.

Fast forward - I contacted a lady and drove the 80 miles round trip to pick up raw milk because I heard it was better for you than store milk. I had already been eating organic whole foods for about 9 months prior to this. By the 3rd week, I woke up feeling amazing. No tossing and turning trying to relieve the pressure in my joints AND I could roll out of bed without help. I had no idea the milk would do this! I mentioned it to the nice lady I pick up from and she said she was not surprised, that she had heard similar stories from her other customers! I immediately went home and started googling. I was amazed! Now almost 4 months of drinking the raw milk, I feel human again. I am able to do everything again without pain, swelling or stiffness. I am able to walk without limping or dragging my right leg. It has changed my life!

It makes me so sad that something so simple and wonderful as raw milk is illegal and so hush hush when there are millions of people like me suffering.

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