Fatty Acids In The Cow

These are the major fatty acids found either in milk or the cow's rumen. Please see my CLA page for more on that very special fatty acid. Total carbon atoms and double bonds are noted - for example, C 3:0 means three total carbon atoms, no double bonds. Absence of double bonds indicates total saturation of carbons with hydrogen.The first three are known as the volatile fatty acids (VFA's):

Acetic Acid (C 2:0):

Acetic Acid

Propionic Acid (C 3:0):

Propionic Acid

Butyric Acid (C 4:0):

Butyric Acid

Caproic Acid (C 6:0):

Caproic Acid

Caprylic Acid (C 8:0):

Caprylic Acid

Capric Acid (C 10:0):

Capric Acid

Lauric Acid (C 12:0):

Lauric Acid

Myristic Acid (C 14:0):

Myristic Acid

Palmitic Acid (C 16:0):

Palmitic Acid

Stearic Acid (C 18:0):

Stearic Acid

Oleic Acid (C 18:1):

Oleic Acid

Linoleic Acid (C 18:2):

Linoleic Acid