Family Drank It Raw For Decades

by Jack Williams
(Vancouver, Canada)

I'm a city boy. I've never drunk raw milk. But both sides of my family, before they moved to the city from farms in Southern Ontario and Northern Alberta some 40 years ago, drank raw milk every day, straight from the udder sometimes.

They tell me everyone in the area drank milk straight from the cow. All you had to make certain was that the cow was healthy and grass fed. No one ever got sick from raw milk according to my family.

They say this war on raw raw milk isn't about health, but rather it's about big dairy control of the market. Big dairy doesn't like raw milk because it has such a short shelf life compared to pasteurized milk.

Anyway that's my 2 cents I don't drink milk so don't miss raw milk but my family say they'd like to be able to drink raw milk again.



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