Diabetes gone for nine years and counting

by David VanEarden
(clymer ny 14724)

Had average sugar level of over 240!!! A1c of 10.4.

Returned to real whole foods including raw milk which I was allergic to for 41 years of my life. I am now 50! Proud of it.

No allergies for going on 9 years. None.

Return to normal of blood sugar levels.

Lost 50 lb and kept it off feel great.

No one seems to care but my wife does and I feel great!!

Whole family on board and we even have goats we milk now and drink the raw milk. Friends with cows who provide us raw cow milk

I can not explain why my doctor could care less. I still have diabetic on my chart 8 1/2 years after it has returned to an A1c of under 6 without any meds other than food.

Not bad

High School Biology Teacher

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