ALL GONE! Lactose intolerance, constant runny nose, mid-nite feeding, thank you!

by Ingrid
(Nutley, New Jersey)

My little Sofia had to drink soy milk as a baby because she was lactose intolerant. After she turned 1-yr old I switched her to regular and all seemed fine, until I noticed her tummy was enlarged every time she drank milk, and vomited at night sometimes after her bottle. I knew it was the milk! One morning I woke up and she had vomited in her sleep. I was so scared, she had choked that I woke her up at 5am in the morning. My eyes still water when I remember.

I was petrified at the thought of having to give her pasteurized, UHT lactose free milk. what in the world is that anyway!!! After an afternoon with my sister's childhood friend (a vegan), I turned on to raw goat milk. I wasn't afraid of it being raw. You see I grew up in a poor country and I remember drinking it straight from the goat myself and how delicious the taste was, I was more concerned on where to find it.

Well I found it!

My toddler has been drinking it for a month and all those nasty kid's bugs are gone! She sleeps through the night, doesn't throw up, and those thick buggers are gone! I used to wonder why, the thick mucus? but NO MORE! A runny nose here and there, but that's it! I also have rushed her to the emergency room 3 times with seizures and over 103° fevers. The hospital couldn't find an infection, so they called it feveral seizures... So far, that's gone too!

And not to mention she LOVES IT! she is 18-mon and drinks 1-1/2 gal a week. At a recent visit the pediatrician said her weight is perfect, friends & family comment on how heavy she feels, but looks trim not chunky or skinny. Now, I know goat milk lacks certain nutrients, so I make sure to feed plenty of other foods rich in these. This is what I mean when I say education is key.

My advice to other mom's don't let fear dictate your actions, EDUCATE yourself, READ, RESEARCH. I know it's hard to put your little one in harm's way. But when you see them suffering night after night and no medication can make them better, no food changes help, and the label on the packaging doesn't convince you, then try a new approach.

I trust my farmer but I love my child, so I became my own lab. I drink a glass of her milk (every new delivery), a day or two before I give it to her. I will not feed my child something I cannot eat or makes me sick.

I just wish the price of the product wasn't so high, but I sacrifice other things so I can afford it.. there goes that night cream I like so much! Well worth it!

Thank you for allowing me to share.

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