6 yr old child in severe gastric distress due to "milk"....

by Dr. Demetra Vagias
(Oak Brook, IL. USA)

I had a mom bring her 6 yr old little boy to me (I am a Naturopathic Physician) for help because he kept getting sent home from school for SEVERE stomach pains/distress, which in the past, had landed him in the ER once or twice. The RN suspected lactose intolerance and advised mom to follow up with her pediatrician and stay off all dairy in the meantime. Pediatrician agreed and boy was kept off dairy with no positive changes seen over a period of a year.
When she came to my office, she was desperate and in tears; wanting her little boy's pains to go away. We spoke ad nauseum about nutrition and raw dairy (WESTON PRICE PRINCIPLES). She and her son sat and listened intently to all I had to say, especially about the detrimental effects of pasteurization and simple sugars.
When mom brought home the first gallon of raw, grass-fed milk for her son....he drank it down without stopping for air (as if he had been living in the desert for months!). At some point, he stopped, looked at his mom with a horrified expression on his face and said, "MOM.....we are in BIG trouble. I can't drink this milk anymore. The doctor said I have to stay away from white, sugary stuff and I think this milk has lots of that." Mom assured him the milk had no sugar and he went back to drinking his "medicine". Within 3 weeks, he was a new little boy with stomach aches being a faint memory of yesteryear (LOL!)
The milk was so delicious and smooth the boy was sure it had to be loaded with sugar! What a great and sneaky way to introduce healing foods to your children....having it taste like a sugary treat while it is healing the body and to a large extent...our souls!......GO RAW MILK!!!!

Demetra Vagias MD, ND

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