30 days to better teeth

by Dennis
(Live Oak fl)

In 1996 i read for the first time Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr Weston Price. In 1999 i reread it and it really sank into my thinking. So i said to myself "If what he said in this book really works i should have better teeth in 60 days, i will be able to tell a difference!" It only took 30 days. I saw a complete reversal of what my dentist called "developing cavities" in 30 days and 13 years later at age 48 i still have zero cavities. My 4 children have NEVER seen a doctor for any reason. My health is better than when i was 20 years old. What did i do? I ate butter like crazy (good raw butter) and took cod liver oil for 30 days. Try it and see if it works for you and read that book or watch the dvd's by Sally Fallon explaining the book. contact me at thisisdennis@windstream.net if i can help.

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